SUP ~ en

Aloha. The greeting word they use in Hawaii where SUP was first conceived.

S.U.P are the initials for Stand Up Paddleboard.  It is a sport which has been around for many years now, evolving day by day. It is a board with enough buoyancy for the paddler or SUPer to stand up right and paddle whether it be in the sea, lakes, rivers.  The SUPer standing on the board can ride/wonder enjoying nature, practise his tricks, ride a wave or even fishing for the faint-hearted or even just to enjoy the sound of silence.  It is an exceptional sport as from all this paddling you work out your waist, abs, legs shoulders but above all it sharpens the balance of mind & soul.

So far a lot of companies but especially StarboardNaishSmileboards have invested time and effort into this magical calming sport.  Train, have fun, enjoy the freshness of nature, hang out with your friends, your kids or even your pet…:)

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